Product & Marketing Photography

The art of product photography is important.  If you are a reseller, marketing specialist, manufacturer or service provider, you deserve to have quality images represent your business.  Product presentation through imagery excellence is a critical factor for attracting clients.  With one of the five human senses being sight, consumers are inherently attracted to visually pleasing images.  Our goal is to satisfy the human sense of sight to attract clients to your unique products. 

Having worked in the manufacturing and service sectors for years developing brochures, line cards, and technical manuals, JBP understands the need for producing value-added imagery for businesses of all types.  So it’s no surprise that quality photography plays a role in top line sales and it’s our goal to help companies achieve image excellence through our product photography services.  We understand that uniqueness exists for each and every business and it is our objective to partner with clients to identify their distinctive value, capture it photographically then convert it into an effective product presentation.

For our Local Clients

We define our local clients as those businesses who reside within a 50-mile radius of Huntington Beach, California.  For these clients we can perform on-site photography using our mobile studio, either for product photography or facility resumes (described below). Some situations simply require on-site photography, such as photographing monuments (unmovable objects), expensive items or people at work.  However, for all other items clients often prefer to simply ship us their products or have us pick them up.  This allows them to engage in their busy workdays without being interrupted with a photo shoot.

Product Photography Overview

JPB offers photographic services to customers needing brochure and website product images.  Depending on the product, we will shoot the images within the controlled environment of our studio, or we will bring the studio to you if the product is non-transit friendly due to size, its value or client time constraints.  Give us a call and we’ll discuss your specific needs.


For our National Clients

We have found that even with local clients many prefer to simply send us their products to be photographed.  Typically, these clients prefer clean, white negative space (backgrounds) in their product shots and therefore there is no need for them to be present to help set up shots. When your needs require a white background, it’s simply more productive for everyone to ship us the products.  We accept products from all over the United States.

File Output Format

Output format varies depending on how the image is used.  We will provide you with the optimal file format for your use along with all high resoultion original images. If you have any special output requests please feel free to inquire


When Images are Used for Websites

JBP will provide you with web resolution images (often referred to as low resolution images) in JPG format. Your webmaster will usually define specific size requirements for your website, so we’ll discuss these specifics when your book your job. 

When Images are Used for Advertising and Archive Use

When digital images are used for any kind of high quality print use, output quality must be high. We will prepare your images at the highest resolution of 300 pixels per inch with a dimension of 3872 x 2592 pixels. This allows ad printers to yield high quality output on the print media. We provide high quality digital output formats in PSD, JPG, and TIF.

Shipping & Liability


Size Restrictions

For shipping purposes, we only accept items of approximately four feet by four feet at 50 pounds or less. The cost and time associated with shipping large, heavy items back and forth does not make economic sense for either the client or Joe Belanger Photography.


Make sure that all products shipped are well packaged and padded for transit. Use a traceable method of shipping such as UPS, FED-X or USPS with delivery confirmation. All products that are shipped to and from JBP must be adequately insured. Joe Belanger Photography accepts no liability for lost or damaged products, either in transit to JBP or in transit back to the client.

Shipping Costs

All shipping and insurance costs to and from Joe Belanger Photography are the responsibility of the client. The final bill will include any costs that JBP incurs when insuring and shipping products back to the client. 




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