Business Promotion

Promoting your business requires careful planning, including a graphic strategy for which to attract customers. As a business owner/operator, there are many variables that can make or break a business such as payroll, rent, product development, and legal compliance. However the most important part of your business is selling products to your customers. Without sales there's no reason to be in business.  And the hardest part of selling your product is attracting customers. The world is full of many different stimuli including sight.  Visual management excellence will help your product or service stand out and grab the attention of prospective customers. The easiest and most efficient way of doing this is to have eye-catching pictures in your advertising and on your web site. To do this you will need to hire a professional photographer to help you define your imagery needs and then how to best compose the images that will represent your business.  JBP offers three business services to help you achieve these goals.  


  • On-site product photography
  • National mail-in Product Photography
  • White & Black background Photography



  • Employee interaction photography
  • Facility resumes to define your capabilities
  • Job site imagery to highlight your services  


  • Convert digital images into a video marketing message
  • Inform customers with a webshow
  • Hand out product/service DVD's to potential clients


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