Product & Service Photography Pricing

On Location Photography

This is inclusive of traveling to the client’s place of business to conduct photography services, which includes product photography, facility & business service shoots and imagery sessions for our Marketing in Motion shows. However, you will not be charged for any on-site consultation and or facility reviews that must take place in order for us to do a proper assessment of your photographic needs.

Pricing: $350 minimum for any shoot up to three hours, $60 for each additional hour billable in 30 minute increments. Billing begins upon arrival at the client’s place of business and ends when our equipment is broken down and packed.

Products Shipped to Joe Belanger Photography

If you have items that require a clean look with a white, grey or black negative space (background) shipping directly to us is your best option.  We will carefully stage your product/s and shoot several compositions based on your needs, then upload proofs for your approval.  Please be aware that clear items do not generally photograph well on white backgrounds because there is little contrast between the white background and the white light that will penetrate the clear item.  Items such as crystal, glasses, and salt & pepper shakers may look better on a different color background that will make the image POP.  We also have the option to use graduated color backgrounds that will add a clean look to your images and a transitional color from dark to light and light to dark. We will discuss any photographic challenges prior to booking a job.

For products that are either shipped to us or picked up from the client that require simple colored backgrounds as discussed above, we charge by the image. This is to say that if you decide you want three different angles of the same product, you would be charged for three images.  Or if you have three products and want one image of each product you would be charged for three images. 

Pricing for products shipped to JBP (simple backgrounds only)


1 image $60
2-5 images $40 per image
6-10 images $34 Per Image
11-20 images $28 Per Image
21-50 images $25 Per Image
51-75 images $21 Per Image
76 + images $18 per image

email: Ph 480-321-9265