Marketing in Motion Business Promotion Shows

Convert your Product or Facility Images to a Commercial-Style Presentation

Using special software, JBP is able to affordably create product or business ‘commercials’ using a combination of digital images and short video clips. The process begins by partnering with a client to develop an outline of their subject matter.  Once we capture the core talking points, a script is developed with the help of our client.  This will decide our voiceover content.  We then use our unique software to develop a knowledge base ‘commercial’ by combining the voiceover with digital images and video.  We’ll also insert subtle music to enhance the audible component of the show.

To focus the viewer’s attention to a specific feature or area of an image that’s important to you, we may use any combination of captioning, text, arrows, circles, zooms or pans.  We may also take an image and make the core subject color, while making everything else in the image black and white.  This draws the viewer directly to the value added part of the photo we want them to see.  Where appropriate, we also use Hollywood style swipes at key transition points throughout the show.  This gives the overall knowledge base presentation more of a commercial feel and look.

Using video montage software is different from full video productions.  Video montage uses still images as the core show content and sprinkles in short video clips as needed to visually communicate to the viewer subject matter that photographs cannot easily convey.  Because the video clips are short and usually activity based (viewer needs to see something actually functioning) and the still images are the primary subject media, we are able to create knowledge base shows at a fraction of the cost of a full video production and still get your message across to your potential clients.    

Starting at $1500

Sample Marketing in Motion Shows

To play a show, click on one of the links below.  Note that FLASH does not require anything to download but the quality is lower than the Plug-in version which requires a download.

Garibaldi Home Inspections Marketing Show

Mesa, Arizona City Guide

Anytime Virtual Open House

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