One of the cornerstones of our service offerings is the beautiful Memories with Style video montage shows we produce.  These unique shows are possible with the use of special multimedia software, which allows us to take your wedding images in digital format and create elegant and memorable video montage shows for you to share with friends and family around the world. A Memories with Style production uses special effects and tools that are specifically intended to enhance images from any special event.  The ultimate objective is to add mood, emotion and entertainment to your wedding image collection and bundle it into a DVD video multimedia production.  We accomplish this by combining your images with music, animated video, captioning, photo frames, photo mats, custom imaging effects, elegant multi-image masking and stylish image transitions.  The result is a beautiful wedding presentation that you can pop into your DVD player and watch with your friends and family.  We also provide you with a version for your PC but imagine being able to share your wedding show with anyone in the world!  As part of the cost of a ‘Memories with Style’ show, we upload your show on our server, allowing you to send a link of that show to anyone you want.  All they have to do is download a small plug-in from our website to watch it.  Feel free to watch some of our shows.

It's also IMPORTANT to note that we DO NOT have to be your wedding photographers in order to build a Memories with Style show for you.  We will simply take your pre-existing wedding images that you mail to us on a CD and go from there. Click on the Adobe PDF link to the right of the red rose to get more details on how to get started.  Our Memories with Style shows are not limited to weddings.  We also create shows for other special events such as graduations, company picnics, family reunions and more.  Check out our Memories with Stytle events shows.



Click here to download a PDF detailing more information about our Memories with Style Wedding shows


  • Music of your choice
  • Video Animations
  • Stylish Slide Transitions
  • Video Clips (optional*)
  • Key Points Captioning 
  • Special Image Effects
  • Elegant Borders & Masks
  • One DVD in a DVD case
  • A file for PC viewing
  • Online hosting

* Digital video must be provided to Joe Belanger Photography on a DVD disc.  We can take your raw video and edit out unique and fitting clips for inclusion into the show.  We don’t require you to perform any video editing, just send us all of your video on a DVD and we’ll do the rest.  Video on DVD will not be altered and returned to you in its original format.  Please send a duplicate DVD and not the original.


$429 for up to 50 images

 $1.50 per image over 50 images

For example, if you have a show that includes 100 images your cost would be as follows:

$429 for the first 50 images

$75 for the second 50 images ($1.50 x 50 additional images)

A $100 deposit is due with shipment of your digital images to Joe Belanger Photography

Balance is due upon approval of the show proof that will be provided to you by Joe Belanger Photography. Final product will not ship until balance is paid in full.


The amount of work that goes into the production of these quality shows is quite high and doing a good job and meeting customer expectations requires adequate time to build the show right the first time. Shows generally take 3-4 weeks to produce when we are not busy.  We will give you a current lead time at the time of booking.


We require a minimum pixel dimension of 1600 in the long end at a resolution of 240 PPI in order to meet our output quality requirements. Full resolution images are also accepted and we'll do the resizing and enhancement to bring them into alignment with our size requirements.  Most wedding photographers simply place all of the high resolution images on a CD, so if you don't know much about size requirements, those images are usually fine for our needs.  We accept JPG, TIFF and PSD files.

Please note that images must meet quality requirements in terms of lighting, focus and composition to output a fantastic show. We can perform some degree of image enhancement to your images but if the exposure is too far gone or the focus is soft, we cannot fix them.  Some images we receive push the limits of quality but they often have special meaning to the bride, so we are happy to include any "out of scope" images at your request.  But to have a professional looking show, our advise is to limit the number of low quality images you provide us.  Here are two examples of acceptable and unacceptable image quality.

    In Focus     Out of Focus                 Well Lit               Poorly Lit  

Print Scanning
If you only have prints available we can scan them for you at $0.75 cents each.  We can also scan 35mm slides at $1.50 each.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

email: Ph. 480-321-9265